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Rhino Mobile Mechanics clevelandWe are a trusted mobile mechanic service provider serving the Cleveland metro area since 2003. The main benefit we provide to our clients are our on-site services, meaning that you can enjoy the advantage of a trained mobile mechanic working on your vehicle from the comfort of your home. We offer a vast range of auto repair services, so no matter what kind of issue you are currently experiencing with your vehicle, we are a trusted mobile mechanic service provider in the Cleveland area you can always count on. Even if you’re not entirely sure what kind of repair your vehicle needs, we are there to aid you with our diagnostics and inspection services to give you a comprehensible picture of the shape of your car.

Is there a licensed mobile mechanic near me in Cleveland?

We’re happy to say that the answer is a clear yes! Our team is very experienced in managing all kinds of automobile repair demands, so if you are running into any difficulty with your vehicle, our company is the right provider to contact from the Cleveland, Ohio region. We will travel at your place to supply you with the most appropriate automobile repair service you can think of. It is our goal to help save you both money and time when it comes to repairing your vehicle.

Should you entrust us with working on your auto, you may always expect fair and transparent prices from us. We will describe to you in detail what kind of repair your car needs and adhere to the initial price, which means you do not have to face any awkward surprises throughout and following the repair job. Many of our customers prefer Rhino Mobile Mechanics of Cleveland because when they request our on-call automobile mechanic services, they can even appreciate lower repair costs compared to taking their automobile to a physical auto repair shop. Not to mention, the convenience of getting your car repaired at your own garage.

We are aware that your car is an essential investment of your family, and we serve it so with respect and care. When you order our car repair services, you can be certain that your customer experience will be our first priority, and we will perform everything to repair your vehicle quickly at a really reasonable price.

One of the most important advantages of our mobile mechanic services is that we provide services to our customers with an extremely flexible schedule to make sure we are available at the time you need us the most. If your car is stranded on the side of the street or you require acute help after an accident or your vehicle is in your garage, but not starting, just give us a call, and we’ll be with you very quickly.

Rhino Mobile Mechanics of Cleveland is nicely equipped to handle most auto repair services, so you can be sure that once you contact us, we will arrive at your car’s current location prepared for any kind of obstacle and ready to assist.


We are happy to provide you with an online quote on any mobile mechanic service you need. Just fill out the details and if you like the price, we can arrange the appointment straight away!

The Best Mechanic in Cleveland, OH

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If you would like to do your engine a great service, make certain that you get the oil changed frequently. It is essential that the moving elements of your car engine get lubricated as this contributes a lot to extend the life span of your vehicle. This is sometimes combined with other accustomed mechanic tasks, so inspect the manual you've got from your maker and be sure you get brand new motor oil to your vehicle in accordance with the proposed frequency. This will give you a more secure ride and your automobile will thank you for it!


Evidently, if your car brakes aren't functioning perfectly, you place yourself, passengers and your automobile at great danger. Checking the brakes is a piece of the standard procedure of our auto mechanics, so during the checks we will let you know if your car demands some kind of brake fix. If you notice any indication, that your brake system is not at its best, tell us and we will find out what exactly the matter is and we will fix the components of the system. The obvious sign is when the brake warning light appears, in this scenario, you really must get the needed car repair assistance.


While it is not a total necessity to possess an operating air conditioning system in your vehicle, but at precisely the same time it adds a lot to your comfort level, so it can be a real difficulty if you require an AC repair for your family's vehicle. Even if you need such a car repair service, don't worry, because Rhino Mobile Mechanics of Cleveland got your back! Normally, the responsible part is a worn compressor or a busted condenser, but even if there's some other type of malfunction related to your vehicle, we'll do a detailed investigation, find the problem and repair it at your home.


We all know the situation if you plan to purchase a used vehicle, but you are not certain if it's the right purchase for you and your family. You wonder, is there a mobile mechanic near me in Cleveland to perform the car inspection before I actually buy it. The great news is that you could always count on our company. We'll do the pre-purchase inspection at the present location of the vehicle and provide you our professional opinion about the condition of the automobile. This procedure will save you a great deal of money and headaches later on and provide you the secure feeling, that you have made the appropriate decision when purchasing (or not buying) the car in question.


In many cases, when the check engine light is on, it could be a bit late and your automobile repair costs may be way too high. Therefore it is extremely crucial that you get your vehicle's engine checked out often to assure that more severe problems are prevented. The motor is the heart of your car, so it needs attention and good care in order to function properly. If you notice some odd sounds originating  from under the hood, make sure you contact the best mobile mechanics in Cleveland.


We simply cannot stress it enough how important routine car maintenance is for your car. You can save yourself so much headache if you get your car checked out from year to year so we can catch problems at an early phase and save you a very significant amount in car repair expenses. Your producer has guidelines on when certain components of your car should be corrected or replaced, but our auto mechanics are also well prepared to provide such inspections and also make you honest recommendations if certain components are worn out and need to be replaced.


Have you ever experienced a situation when you jump in your car, but it is simply not starting? It can be very painful, but our car mechanic services are very useful under such circumstances. In most cases when there's an issue with the car's ignition system, it is associated with the spark plugs and the ignition coils, however even when there's another difficulty your car encounters, our mobile mechanics are there to help in discovering the exact issue and to immediately fix it. We recommend to save our number for such cases and you will notice how much trouble our mechanics help save you with our flexible program and years of experience in the field.


It's most likely no news to you that the vehicle battery, along with other areas of the electrical system, are very important components of your automobile. If you do not react at the first symptom of an electrical issue, it could rapidly escalate to something more serious, so make sure that you get in touch with us if you experience any irregularities related to your car's battery. It might be the malfunctioning of the alternator, but in some other cases, the replacement of the car battery might also be required. Our professional mechanics in Cleveland will look into the root cause of the matter and make sure your car's condition is restored as promptly as possible.

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The Best Mechanic in Cleveland, OH

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I don’t let many car mechanics near my Ford, but these guys from Rhino Mobile Mechanics of Cleveland are just superb! I always call them when I need urgent help with my car.

Tim from Cleveland

These mobile mechanics were so quick to help when my starter motor needed replacement in my Honda. I am so grateful that thanks to you I was back on the roads in a few hours.

John from Parma

I called Mike because the battery in my BMW was dead and needed someone to replace it. Not only did he get the battery from the store for me, but also replaced it the same day.

Joel from Lakewood

The Best Mechanic in Cleveland, OH

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